Vanarama Team Mates – Aaron Martin Dishes The Dressing Room Dirt!

League sponsors Vanarama have been busy opening the changing room doors… so what lies behind? 

They spoke to Aaron Martin who revealed his opinion on the player with the worst fashion sense, who the joker of the group is, Hamza Bencherif’s annoying habbit and much more!

Who’s got the worst car?

George Cantrill. I’m sure his car is bright green!

You can choose three current or former team-mates to go on a road trip with – who do you pick and why?

Adam Jones , Zeph Thomas, Thomas Haigh. These lads combined would just make it an experience to remember.

Who would you not let anywhere near your car stereo?

Paul Clayton.

Who is most likely to become a manager when their playing days are over?

Hamza Bencherif. Gives players advise on the pitch is a commanding force and reads opponents tactics

Who’s the biggest joker?

Jamie Spencer – loves a laugh and a joke.

Who’s got the worst fashion sense?

Has to be Clayton never seen him with a shirt or a hair cut.

Last to get their wallet out at the bar?

Aza [Aram Soleman] hates paying his fines, never seen him buy a drink.

Best technique?

Jamie Spencer – technique just comes naturally to him hits crossbar for fun in training.

Most skilful?

Aza [Aram Soleman] is our most skilful player, that’s why he’s so hard to play against, quick sharp feet get him out sticky situations.

Teacher’s pet?

Paul Clayton. But he is like a coach for us as well so I’ll let him off!

Who would you say is your best mate at the club?

Best mate at the club has to be my old strike partner I transferred to Guiseley with Gabriel Johnson.

Best trainer?

Stars (Aleks Starcenko) is the best trainer in the group. Always puts 100% in, amazing runner and a really good ball player.

Who’s got an annoying habit?

Hamza Bencherif – he brushes his teeth before every game!

Most vain?

Aram [Soleman] – do not touch his hair band! 😂

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