Tri-mechanics Running Consultations for Academy Players

The young footballers training with the Guiseley AFC Academy are getting expert input on one of the most fundamental aspects of their footballing development – running.

The Academy have announced a new partnership with running expert Dr Thomas Hughes at Tri-mechanics in Leeds.  The young players are having individual consultations with Dr Hughes, including gait analysis and personalised training advice as they develop their fitness for playing the game.  Dr Hughes explains what his input will bring to our young players:

“At Tri-mechanics we believe that running is an innate activity that comes naturally to each and every person. But through the impact of environmental factors such as sitting and driving, our bodies are not able to cope with the demands of running. As a result we develop injuries that reduce our enjoyment of the sport. We aim to help you return to your previous condition that allows you to run fast and free with a much lower risk of injury, helping you to enjoy the sport to the fullest.

“Running is not just for runners, it’s an integral part of almost every sport and improving speed and endurance has the potential to maximise performance. Gaining an extra dose of speed can win games alone, running more efficiently enhances endurance, critical for the final minutes where games can be won and lost.

“Our work with Guiseley AFC will promote the elements of speed and agility, giving players the competitive edge. Added to this, gaining greater stability and control on the uneven surface of the football pitch can reduce the risk of injury. This partnership represents a significant step forward in the development of all aspects of a player’s game, making them stronger, fitter athletes.”

Academy Manager Dave Currie adds, “We are delighted to have Dr Tom Hughes working with players from our 1st team to our Development players. With Sports Science playing a huge part in the modern day game, having someone as knowledgable and qualified as Dr Hughes onboard will move the club forward in this area.”

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