Academy link up with cancer charity

Guiseley AFC’s Youth Academy has joined up with Leeds-based national charity Bone Cancer Research Trust this season to raise awareness of primary bone cancer.

The Academy team players will be proudly sporting the charity’s logo on their home kit to encourage young footballers to talk about primary bone cancer in their local community.

The disease can affect anyone at any age but osteosarcoma and Ewing sarcoma are more common in people aged 10-24.

The main symptoms are swelling or bone pain, particularly at night, and can often be mistaken for sporting injuries or growing pains, which can lead to delays in diagnosis.

Bone Cancer Research Trust chief executive officer Julie Harrington said it is a less common cancer but urged anyone with concerns to talk to their GP.

“Working with Guiseley AFC is a fantastic opportunity to educate footballers, fans and their families about healthy bones and to champion awareness about this disease, which affects 600 people in the UK and Ireland every year,” she said.

“Patients know their own body better than anyone. If you have any unexplained lumps or pain, do not hesitate to discuss the possibility of primary bone cancer with your doctor, at least to rule it out.

“It’s simple – the earlier the diagnosis, the better chances of successful treatment and survival.”

Head of Youth Development Dave Currie added: “We are delighted to have formed a partnership with the Bone Cancer Research Trust. We will be working together to increase awareness of this disease amongst, in particular, young people but also the wider community.

“Julie Harrington told us some real life stories from young people who had only discovered they had Bone Cancer after suffering leg breaks during football matches, unfortunately by this stage the chances of survival are less than 50 per cent. Hopefully we can help educate young people, and their parents, that going to their GP to get checked out when they have aches and pains could help save their life.

“During Bone Cancer awareness week [12th – 18th October] the Trust will be the club’s guests and I am sure the Guiseley AFC fans will support this great cause. We will also aim for our Academy to be involved in a fundraising event in the near future to help them raise funds to find a cure for this devastating disease.”

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