Vixens face Hull City Ladies

The season is coming to a close but Guiseley Vixens are keen to keep playing to their high standards until the final whistle. 

Joint Manager Kyle O’Reilly gave his thoughts ahead of this Sunday’s clash with former title rivals Hull City Ladies.

You defeated them earlier this season in the league but they defeated you in the cup. Is it satisfying to have the title wrapped up before you play them for a second time?

 There’s an urge to beat everybody who is put in front of us as always, that’s the mind-set of our group. I think it would have made for a better game of football if the title wasn’t wrapped up if I’m honest, it would have made for a spectacle.

It’s a shame the game wasn’t played earlier in the season when first scheduled (the game was postponed due to an arson attack on Nethermoor Park) a result at that stage of the season for us could have meant we wrapped the title up earlier and changed how the season has panned out for us.

“Because of our lengthy lay off through winter every game we have played has had something riding on it, be it our own title aspirations or other teams fighting for survival. We’ve not had the fortune of taking points off teams who, in theory, have nothing to play for and pushing our points tally. For that I think the girls deserve some credit as they’ve just cracked on and fought through each fixture.”

In hindsight, did the 2-0 win away in the second game of the season set the tone for what was to come?

The 2-0 was a massive result. We started the season playing who we thought would be our title rivals. After throwing the squad together in a matter of weeks it would have been nice to have easier fixtures allowing us to gel and iron out the teething problembut that wasn’t the case. It was a baptism of fire from the off and those early results really helped us on our way!”

Will playing at Bradford Academy have an impact on the game?

“I think so. The game is always a much faster pace when on artificial grass but that being said these newer pitches allow for more football to be played. Both teams will be able to play their games.”

Having dropped points for only the third game against Liverpool Feds are the squad still motivated to finish the season strongly?

“Of course. The dynamic changes slightly with us already having won the league with a few games to spare so that carrot isn’t necessarily there anymore. The players themselves are professional and don’t like drawing let alone losing so they want to finish as strong as possible as do we.” 

The game will take place at our facilities partner, Bradford Academy with kick-off being at 2pm. The FAWPL Division One North trophy will also be presented by our sponsor Blacks. 

Match updates will be posted on Twitter: @GuiseleyVixens  Instagram: @GuiseleyVixens

Words: Oliver Coultas | Photo: Alex Daniel