Vanarama’s Fanarama! The Supporters Have Their Say On 2019 – And What Lies Ahead In The New Year

Lions’ supporter Joe Priestley gives league sponsors Vanarama the lowdown on the year, his hopes for 2020 and why the club means so much to him. 

What has been the secret to Guiseley’s remarkable turnaround since last season?

Last season was a chance for the club to heal and recover from the stress of relegation. It’s not in essence a turnaround but the next stage of the healing process. This club has always banded together. I think that mentality that reaches from the players to the volunteers has really being the key to taking the next step. It’s all about how we’ve banded together once more.

Aaron Martin – just how good is he? 

I definitely wouldn’t want to tussle with him for the ball! He is brilliant. I’d put his success down to his fantastic work ethic and never-say-die-attitude. Whether you’re 3-0 up and sailing or you’re three down, if that ball comes towards him, he’ll take on anyone to win that ball and make something of it.

What one thing – either physical or otherwise – would you like Guiseley to find under the Christmas tree this Christmas? 

An experienced midfielder! We’ve got a very young squad so some experience might give us a bit more composure but I suppose every club is after that kind of player.

Pick your National League North title winner – and what makes them so good?

King’s Lynn. I said York City to begin with but I just can’t see anybody putting a stop to Adam Marriott and his team. They play good football and have come from nowhere to be this confident team that nobody really seems to be able to beat.

And who might be a sure bet for promotion and why? 

York City simply can’t afford not to go up. They’ve got the right man in charge and with quality players like Adriano Moke they will no doubt pull through and play National League football next year, as long as they get back to winning ways soon.

Your club’s player of the season so far?

It would be easy to pick Aaron Martin for his goals but the contributions of centre-back Hamza Bencherif have been vital. He does whatever is needed, defensively or offensively and even pops up with a goal from time to time.

What is the highpoint this season?

Our goalless draw with York was a high point for me because of what it proved. Many people would look at that result and really question my sanity, however York were running rampant in the league and they came marching down to Nethermoor Park, but the lads showed such a strong mentality and really proved that on their day they can hang with the best of them.

What away game this season sticks out – and why?

Gateshead. A cold Saturday afternoon up north! That game saw everything from goals to disallowed overhead kicks. And whilst Gateshead did everything they could to recover from 3-0 down, we survived the onslaught and managed to win 3-2 and probably deservedly so. I don’t think I had any fingernails left by full time mind you.

When did you first start supporting Guiseley?

When I was ten years old, my dad decided we’d head off for the opening day of the season. Walking through that turnstile just made something click in the back of our heads and it just became like a religion to turn out every week. As for my involvement in the club, it went from me helping out with the Twitter page every so often to getting my own page in the programme to write as well as working on other projects including a fan site, amongst other things. I’m just grateful for the opportunities I was given to help the club that has made me feel like I’ve belonged for quite a big part of my life and I’m so proud that I’m able to help with whatever I can.

What makes Guiseley so unique and so special? 

Nobody ever imagined they’d end up at Nethermoor Park watching Guiseley, but somehow people from all over this country and others have found themselves here. From Morley to Motherwell, Adel to Australia. We all have our own stories about how we ended up here, but we did! And we built a community on it which has become a big part of people’s lives, and whilst anyone can truly be a part of it, the people that line that ground are some of the best people you’ll ever meet and truly understand the meaning of the word community.

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