Community Foundation Weekly Newsletter 26th March 2021

Guiseley AFC Community Foundation’s last weekly newsletter for March 2021 is now available to read, it includes news on their Easter Football Camps, Leeds School Uniform Exchange and more.

Easter Holiday Camps

Our Easter Holiday Football Camps are now fully booked! The last few spaces that were available in the second week have now been taken up, meaning we will have 30 children attending our Camps for each day that the Camp is being held.

Leeds School Uniform Exchange

Zero Waste Leeds is building a movement to help make Leeds a ‘Zero Waste City’ by 2030. To help reach this goal, they have recently launched the Leeds School Uniform Exchange, which is dedicated to exchanging great-quality, second-hand school uniform. On their website here there is a list of 69 schools in the Leeds area, so that users can search for the school they are wanting uniform for. If this school doesn’t have an exchange in place, there is the Leeds School Uniform Facebook page, where users can put a message out for the uniform they need, or to let people know what they have to give.

This uniform exchange is vital in helping to preserve our environment. The exchange will help to reduce the 4000 tonnes of clothing waste in Leeds’ black bins every year. Also, if every school starter in Leeds had just one second-hand shirt or blouse, the equivalent of 122,000 kg of Carbon Dioxide could be saved from entering the atmosphere, helping to reduce and delay Climate Change.

Memory Lane: St Patrick’s Day

To celebrate St Patrick’s Day last week, as well as the 5th anniversary since their opening, the Memory Lane Day Centre held a party and buffet for their attendees. In the past couple of years, the Foundation has helped with the centre’s purpose of providing cognitive stimulation through enjoyable activities.

The Foundation has helped provide gentle exercise, art and crafts activities, as well as just being there to chat to! We are proud to be able to assist the day centre in providing care for those with dementia, promoting positive experiences for these people, and to provide respite for their loved ones.

Sports Leaders: PlayMaker Award

The Foundation is currently delivering the PlayMaker Award to 11 pupils at Yeadon Westfield Junior School. Over six sessions, delivered by Head Coach Olivia Crane, the pupils will be provided with basic leadership skills, allowing their confidence to increase and promoting healthy lifestyles. The award will provide the young learners with vital, transferrable skills to aid their future development and transition into secondary school and beyond.

The school will be able to build an army of young helpers and volunteers, who can put their learning into practice during break times and at community events. After Easter, we will be delivering the award in Guiseley Primary School also.