Community Foundation Weekly Newsletter 15th January 2021

Guiseley Community Foundation are here to support during the latest lockdown period, let’s see what they have been up to.

Lockdown Activities

Since the start of the third National Lockdown, we have been regularly posting activities on our Facebook page to keep children and their parents active and engaged during this difficult period. The activities range from sport challenges, to cooking to art!

One of the most common challenges posted is from APPA’s Pete Thompson. His Ping-Pong challenges are adapted so that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy them, using Ping-Pong as a vehicle to keep people active during Lockdown. An art challenge has also been posted, challenging you to draw 30 images using any materials you like.

To help with this challenge, we have been sharing links to the Scrap Creative Reuse Art Project website. Here, there are many inspirational materials which can be added to your drawings, including fabric and ribbon as well as metals. All these materials have been diverted from landfill, and are available for delivery from the project’s online shop.

We have also been posting links to the Premier League Communities and CBBC Twitter pages, which are great sources of materials to support Lockdown learning.

On these pages are easily accessible links which help provide a learning timetable and help maintain some element of routine during these different, challenging times. All these links and resources can be accessed through our Facebook page- Guiseley Community Foundation- and our Instagram page- guiseleyafccommunity- as well!

Community Competitions

Similar to the first National Lockdown, we will soon be posting our own challenges and competitions, to help keep members of the community engaged in fun activities. These competitions will vary from educational challenges, such as Maths challenges, to puzzles, to Art and Crafts competitions. The first Community competition of this lockdown takes place this weekend, with a PlayStation and Xbox FIFA tournament taking place. Details of these tournaments, and upcoming challenges and competitions, can be found on our social media pages.

Interview: Marcus Wardell

How did you become involved with the Foundation? “I started attending the Friday night football sessions and holiday camps run by Danny Ellis when I was about 9. I attended these sessions until I was too old to go anymore, and then I started helping out at the holiday camps when I was 15. When I finished my GCSEs, I was looking for a Summer job and the Foundation told me to contact Steve about working on the Summer camps that year and I’ve been working here ever since!”

What is your role within the Foundation? “I’m officially a Community Coach, but with the Lockdowns my role is more about posting updates and challenges on social media, as well as writing the weekly newsletter.”

What is your favourite part of your role in the Foundation? “When it’s on, I love the Wednesday night football session because it reminds me of when I used to attend the Friday night football sessions when I was a lot younger.”