Lions Local Heroes – Roger Tomlinson

As we go through the Covid-19 pandemic we at Guiseley AFC would like to praise our local heroes who are keeping the country going through these unprecedented times.

We all know someone who at this moment of time is quietly going about their business, but what they are doing is fantastic. So let’s share their good deeds with each other and give someone a virtual pat on the back from everyone linked with Guiseley AFC.

You can send your nominations in through via Facebook and Twitter or by email to, just tell us why they are your local hero and send us a photo.

Our fourth Lions Local Hero is Roger Tomlinson who has been using his own money and 3D printer to make PPE for local hospitals.

The Guiseley resident has been asked by the Government to make more face shields and he has decided to invest in an extra 3D printer.

Speaking to Pulse Radio Roger said “I got a call from Her Majesty’s Government asking if I could ramp up production. We all know that the NHS is severely stretched at the moment and that frontline workers are not getting the safety equipment they need.”

“I’m trying to my bit to help out by 3D-printing face shields, an essential piece of safety equipment and in very short supply. I’ve been funding this myself so far purchasing sterilization and packaging equipment.”

“Each visor costs me about £2 to make. I’ve only been making small batches, and the backlog grows as I get more requests every day.”

Roger has exceeded his £6000 target to fund the purchase of an extra 3D printer but you can lend him your support here.

We would like to thank Roger for his work in supporting the local hospitals and the staff who require the PPE at this unprecedented time.

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