Club Statement: Clubhouse

As most of you will be aware, the joint club has lost the services of Richard and Michelle, and as per Gary Douglas’ notes in this Saturdays match programme; we, the football club, regret their departure.

We met, as the committee of the joint club, with members of Guiseley Cricket Club to discuss the above events, and also to discuss how the joint club will function moving forward. It is fair to say that progress was made in relation to how the club shall function going forward, with agreed actions and roles designed to lead to a more collaborative approach in the future. This approach will be managed by Gary Douglas, as football club chairman, and Roger Waite as president of the cricket club.

Comments on various social media platforms have stressed how valued the clubhouse is as a venue for socialising on match days, including both meeting and interacting with players and football management post-match. We fully agree with these sentiments and would ask that our supporters continue to support the social club and in turn continue to create a fantastic atmosphere in the clubhouse. It has been agreed by both clubs that there is no intention from either party to interfere with this going forward and the bar will be open on all match days.

To allow cricket teas to be served without interruption during the remainder of the cricket season; we have agreed that although the bar will be open throughout every fixture, catering will be solely provided by the Lions Diner for Saturday fixtures until the end of the cricket season. Midweek fixtures will remain unaffected.

Further meetings will take place over the coming weeks and months, in line with the joint constitution. We will keep everyone informed on progress.