Turnstile update – Eastleigh match

Gate 1 has been re-roofed, re-wired and repaired but unfortunately there are still a couple of outstanding jobs to make it a functional working environment and therefore will be out of action for Saturday’s match.

Gate 2 will be in use for:

  • Season tickets holders
  • Pre-paid tickets – purchased via our booking system
  • Press and media
  • Club scouts
  • Guest tickets

Gates 3, 4, 5 and 6 will all be in use. Gates 3 and 4 are located in the rear car park opposite the bowls club; gates 5 and 6 are located at the end of Ings Crescent, next to the silver footbridge. With neither match segregated, all operable turnstiles will admit both home and away fans.

Please do allow a little longer to pass through the turnstiles before kick-off.

Programmes will be available from all gates and the Club’s Raffle will be situated at its usual position by gates 1 and 2.

The Clubhouse and the Club Shop will be open as usual.

Please note that the Blue Gate is still in use for all officials, players, Directors, Sponsors, Guard of Honour, Mascots and any disabled fan who cannot use the standard turnstile.